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Destroy All Dinosaurs!

  • One mass extinction event wasn't enough! Earth's remaining dinosaur population is making a come back.
  • Gear up now and hurl voxel rocks at voxel dino's in the "Vox, Rocks: Dino Destroyer" VR simulator.
  • Blast through four levels of block filled action through the application of magnetics, color coordination and broken dino teeth!

Set-up Recommendations:

  • Watch this handy video to explain the controls...
  • Shooting dinos is best done standing... so, get out of your chair!
  • Clear out a few feet around you, This game expects you to angle and position yourself inside a 3 to 4 ft area.
  • Have a clear view in front of your face. Monitors, windows and lights can all interfere with the leap controller's ability to track.
  • Press enter to re-center the head set and start playing.

System Requirements:

Oculus Rift (DK2)
Leap Motion Controller
Windows 7/8/10
1.5G of Ram
Intel Core I5, I7 or AMD equivalent


  • Version 1.0.1
    • Added two new levels
      • A new "Level 1" acts as an easier learning curve
      • A new "Level 5" for a more gradual introduction into the final level.
    • The main menu has been re-positioned for easier interaction.
    • The projected "Aim" line now originates from the players hand and not some crazy disconcerting point below the player's chin.
    • The "Home" button now also re-centers VR tracking orientation.


VoxRocksDino-1.0.1.zip 24 MB
VoxRocksDino-1.0.0.zip 24 MB

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