• Press WASD to move and SPACE to shoot
  • Time only moves when you do
  • Make it to the checkered elevator to score
  • Get hit and get reset back to zero.
  • Things get harder the longer you stay
  • See how your score stacks up on the leaderboards

Entry for 2018 Movie Game Jam:  https://itch.io/jam/moviegamejam
Made with Defold: https://www.defold.com/

Totally Inspired By:
 That one lobby scene:

and other super hot game: https://superhotgame.com/


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I'm the ONE!!

Wow, thanks for featuring us in the video! Was awesome seeing someone jump back in for the higher score. Hope you had fun climbing the rankings :P

Yeah! I had a lot of fun! Good luck with the jam!

wow! Thank you so much for this!  So glad you’re having fun with this! Thanks for checking it out!